Whats the Bible Verses For Healing Oil?

God did give Moses a formula for a holy anointing oil shortly after the Israelites began the Exodus trek through the desert. It contained four essential oils known for their healing abilities in an olive oil base. Why do you think God chose these particular Biblical Anointing oils in

? What are their healing properties? Read on.

o Myrrh 500 shekels

o Cinnamon 500 shekels

o Cassia 250 shekels

o Calamus 250 shekels

o CBD (Cannabis Sativa) oil 1 hin

Recipe For Anointing Oil In The Bible

A shekel is about 12 grams or approximately a half an ounce. A “hin” was about a half a quart (16 ounces). In I Chronicles 9:30, responsibility for mixing and maintaining a supply of this holy blend went to the priestly caste-the Levites who were the descendants of Aaron. In Ecclesiasticus 38:4,8, they are referred to as “apothecaries,” “pharmacists,” or “perfumers” depending on your Bible translation.
“The Lord created medicines out of the earth, and the sensible will not despise them.. the pharmacist makes a mixture from them.” Eccles 38, 4,8.
This holy anointing oil was a specific blend for Biblical Anointing oils in

the dwelling, furniture and all those who dwelt in the home. The act of anointing thus rendered the home and its occupants holy which meant they were “set apart for God.” In a sense, God put his seal upon the people with this special oil. Many today believe that Moses used this aromatic blend to protect the Israelites from a plague utilizing Biblical Anointing CBD oils in


What meaning does this have for us today? First of all, it is great news. We are being visited by modern day “plagues” such as SARS, MRSA, and many viruses that have actually been around on the earth since Biblical times

CBD Healing Oil 

Anointing With Oil In The Bible

It's a subject on many people's minds but the anointing comes at a price. God doesn't just give His anointing away easily and when we have it God wants us to use it. The Anointing has increased in my life and so has the responsibility. Here is a simple article as to why God would increase your anointing.

I bought a book once by Benny Hinn on the Anointing and I bought it as I wanted to learn about it and have it in my life. I might not have been ready to receive the information and have since given the book away but when I read it, I didn't seem to learn anything.

I once heard a guy that come to a church I was attending and he talked about the anointing. He said something simple. He said:

The Anointing is simply: The Power to Do the Job

Now depending on how BIG the job you have to do is, that measures how much of the Holy Spirit's anointing is in your life. I have realized in the past three months the Anointing in my life has gone up.

Each week 2000 people read something I have written in the Internet on EzineArticles or somewhere else. There is an Anointing of the Holy Spirit on everything I write and there exists and Anointing in my life as I write the things that I write.

I also manage a team of prophetic people and we do free prophecies on the Internet. For a few years they came in at a rate of about twenty requests per week and now in the last three months that figure has shot up to forty five requests per week.

With this increase I have had to promote a team leader and mentor her to run a team of prophets like me to cater to this demand. In these three months I have noticed the Holy Spirit has increased my Anointing in my life.

I am finding people I know want to sit down and have a long chat with me in the past few months. As a prophet I am fairly intense and people kind of give me a wide birth and yet some of the people I have forged a relationship with are starting to want to spend quality time with me.

This is a sign to me that they really want to hear what the Holy Spirit wants to say through me. As now quite a lot these days in an hour conversation the Holy Spirit directs the conversation for me to say what God wants me to say to each person.

When you understand that the Anointing is the Power to Do the Job you have to decide to get busy for God for Him to increase the Anointing in your life. For God to increase His Anointing in your life there has to be a reason, so first of all if you want it to increase you need to decide what you want to do for God in a bigger way and go after it.

It's wonderful to have the presence of God and when you worship you can feel the presence of God. But it's quite another thing for the Anointing of God to come upon you when you are in a conversation and the person that is listening is so transfixed at what is being shared they simply can't leave until the message is shared in its entirety.

Now the Holy Spirit of God knows every persons timetable and if they have to really go and get back to work or if they can take and extra half an hour for lunch to listen. The Holy Spirit knows when that certain person who really needs to hear what He has to say through you is going to have the time and the Anointing will only drop on you the time that they need to stay.

I have heard people say the Anointing is addictive. Benny Hinn seems to talk about the Anointing a lot as I have heard him talk about it. It is simply the power of the Holy Spirit and it should be respected and not talked about in any cheap way. But I have heard on a few occasions people say the Anointing is addictive.

I can testify when I sit down to prophesy over a person that I really enjoy God speaking though me and I love the wonderful peaceful blanket that seems to come all over me.

But we all have the Holy Spirit and it is my aim to speak to you if you don't know much of the Power of God to get a bit of that into your life. If you want more of the Holy Spirit, why don't you get serious with God and ask Him what can you do for Him

I know that we need people to prophesy on our teams on my website and I know that we can pray for you to get the gift of prophecy. I know also that we need intercessors on our website that can pray over the prophecies that are done and if you are good in prayer, then we can use you.

But that's just me throwing a few ideas out there for you. I am sure if you put your mind to it you can come up with something to do for the body of Christ.

Just remember you have to get busy for God for Him to give you the Power.

It's no use having a Powerful car in a garage. It's no use God increasing the Power of His Anointing of His in your life if you are not going to do a job for Him.

Want a really big Anointing? Get a very BIG job to do for the Lord and He will give it to you!

I promise you

Love ya

Be blessed

Biblical Healing Oil With CBD

What Is The Purpose Of Anointing Oil In The Bible

In our modern day, many who acknowledge being on a spiritual path, recognize the healing properties of essential oils. They create their own spiritual rituals for themselves and their families, anointing their bodies with these healing substances.

In a spiritual ritual whether it is during one's personal prayer time or with others, each act of anointing opens us to the possibility of receiving God's favor-God's healing grace. Whether we are anointing our bath water with an aroma that enhances our release of negativity and openness to unconditional love or diffusing an essential oil into the room to create a sacred healing environment, we are honoring the gift of God present in our daily lives. God has truly blessed the earth with all kinds of plants for our use. When we take the very essence of the plants, the essential oils, and breathe them, rub them on our bodies or take them within, we accept the gift of blessing from God. We are reminded that through anointing, God has set his seal upon our hearts.

Here are six ways you can anoint yourself for healing:

  1. Anoint your energy centers like the brow or throat or heart as you call upon God to bless you with health and well-being. Suggested oils include frankincense, myrrh, balsam or prepared blends like Joy(TM), Valor(TM), White Angelica(TM).

  2. Anoint and clear your meditation space and your healing space with oils. This can be done through diffusion or putting 15 drops of an essential oil in 4 ounces of distilled water and then spritzing the space.

  3. Incorporate the use of essential oils in massaging or rubbing your body. Oils like wintergreen, marjoram, cypress, or peppermint are good for aching muscles.

  4. Anoint your bed linens. A few drops of Lavender on one's pillow will help with sleep.

  5. As you anoint your body, bless and respect your sacredness. Breathe the aromas into your heart for the count of five and then breathe out through your solar plexus for a count of five letting go all that is negative or painful.

  6. Anoint your bath water. Make sure you use a dispersing agent since the oils will simply float on top of the water and some oils may be sensitive for delicate parts. A simple dispersing agent might be sea salt or a half cup of milk.

  7. Rub the oils on the soles of your feet particularly if you have sensitive skin. The soles of the feet are tough and will not react to oils like sensitive skin.

Modern day anointing can be both relaxing and rejuvenating and can bring you to greater spiritual awareness. This anointing is with therapeutic grade essential oils and not with perfume oils which can cause many skin sensitivities. Educational courses in aromatherapy can help you learn about essential oils and how to anoint.