Whats the Bible Verses For Healing Oil?

God did give Moses a formula for a holy anointing oil shortly after the Israelites began the Exodus trek through the desert. It contained four essential oils known for their healing abilities in an olive oil base. Why do you think God chose these particular Biblical Anointing oils in

? What are their healing properties? Read on.

o Myrrh 500 shekels

o Cinnamon 500 shekels

o Cassia 250 shekels

o Calamus 250 shekels

o CBD (Cannabis Sativa) oil 1 hin

Anointing With Oil In The Bible

A shekel is about 12 grams or approximately a half an ounce. A “hin” was about a half a quart (16 ounces). In I Chronicles 9:30, responsibility for mixing and maintaining a supply of this holy blend went to the priestly caste-the Levites who were the descendants of Aaron. In Ecclesiasticus 38:4,8, they are referred to as “apothecaries,” “pharmacists,” or “perfumers” depending on your Bible translation.
“The Lord created medicines out of the earth, and the sensible will not despise them.. the pharmacist makes a mixture from them.” Eccles 38, 4,8.
This holy anointing oil was a specific blend for Biblical Anointing oils in

the dwelling, furniture and all those who dwelt in the home. The act of anointing thus rendered the home and its occupants holy which meant they were “set apart for God.” In a sense, God put his seal upon the people with this special oil. Many today believe that Moses used this aromatic blend to protect the Israelites from a plague utilizing Biblical Anointing CBD oils in


What meaning does this have for us today? First of all, it is great news. We are being visited by modern day “plagues” such as SARS, MRSA, and many viruses that have actually been around on the earth since Biblical times

CBD Healing Oil 

Oil For Anointing In The Bible

Who Gets Favor And Anointing And What The Purpose Is

Living in the anointing is a must in these last days. It is what gives Christians the advantage over the world. Anointing is thrown around a lot in the church and really most Christians don't understand it, but in this article I'm going to be talking about anointing in depth and how to walk in divine empowerment.

If you have been redeemed you are at 1 of 3 levels of anointing. You are anointed for the purpose to give something to another. Anointing does not mean that you are super religious, super righteous or super blessed. Learn about what anointing involves before you pray for it because you will pay a price for it. There is no me thing when it comes to anointing. The higher the level of anointing the bigger responsibility you will have to the Lord and to others. The higher your calling, the bigger the problem God puts before you to solve for others.

Isaiah 10:27, says that in that day their burden will be lifted from your shoulders, their yoke from your neck, the yoke will be broken because you have grown so fat (in the spirit).

What Isaiah is saying here is that you will be endued with power to destroy burdens and yokes and the bondage of others. This is the works of Christ that we will do in his name. Anointing is ability from God to do things, to change things and to accomplish your assignment. It is a divine enabling. It's when God puts his super on your natural. It is being able to do something you could not do in your own power and you demonstrate that unnatural power.

We hear big talk in the church about anointing but very little demonstration of supernatural ability. We have more power and discernment today than people did two thousand years ago in Acts. Yet we see less demonstration of it today. People should be able to see results from the anointing in your marriage, in your work, with your finances, with your children, in your church. If we could ever comprehend the bigness of our God and the empowerment he has ready to give to us we would never dream small again and we would run to others and say, "here let me give away some of this anointing onto your life."

The anointing comes from the Holy Spirit that is poured into our vessels with an overflow of power through us to touch somebody else. It fulfills your life and makes your destiny come to fruition. If your accomplishments are low your anointing will be low. You're going to learn how to get your anointing level up in this article. There's a difference between water baptism and the anointing. The Holy Spirit baptism is like being initiated into another identification, a death if you will to another existence where you operate in a spiritual realm.

The levels of the Holy Spirit anointing are:

1. Well Level (born again or the Manna Mosaic level) This is where God feeds you, meets your needs while you are on spiritual milk. It's the miraculous period where you have nothing and God opens all doors for your new birth that results in a new man while the old man is dying, sort of like the metamorphasis of a butterfly. You stop looking for love in all the wrong the places, oh taste and see that he is good. You start to feel a spring of life flowing through you, you don't even know enough of his word to know how this is happening, but you feel alive perhaps for the first time ever, or at least back to a time before the sin of the world robbed you of your spirit and joy. The well level is the greatest witness of the power of the blood.

2. River Level (a spiritual gift is evidenced) This is the seed and harvest level where faith no longer lives by sight. The river level is called your Bethel, a place where your life dies to Christ. You're living in Kingdom principles now.

3. Rain Level (empowerment, or double portion Elijah anointing where you can call things that are not as though they are and see manifestation).

John 4:1, The Samaritan woman at the well with Jesus. He said to her, if you only knew the gift of God and you had asked I would have given it to you. If you drink of this water I give you, you shall never thirst again. It will be a well of water springing up to overflow (Level 1 anointing at conversion).

John 7:37, If any man thirst let him come and drink. I will give you rivers of living water that will flow from your belly. This is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit by those who already believe. In the Baptism of the Holy Spirit you have rivers of living water and you begin to operate in the power of the Holy Spirit. This is level 2 anointing. Your well and your river depends on what spiritual climate you are in. Are you fed the word? Do you spend time in prayer? Do you put the Lord first? Are you walking in Kingdom principles? Are you sowing seed? If the river is low in your church you're not going to be able to get down stream very well. Your catch in fishing for souls (or maturing other Christians) will be small.

The third level supersedes the first two levels and it is called the rain level. Rain is the live wire of the well and the river. Take away the rain and it hurts the welfare of the well and the river. There are certain activities that you can do in the well and in the river, but you've got to eventually have the rain. If you've got the river then you have the potential to get the rain. You've got power then. Zachariah 10:1 Ask of the Lord for rain in the springtime, it is he who makes the storm clouds. He gives showers of rain to men, plants of the field to everyone. Ask and He will give you anointing, especially in the season God wants to bless you. So knowing God's seasons of blessings is vital. We are living in the latter house of glory and God's anointing is upon the church and we should begin to expect healings and miracles.

Joel 2:23, Be glad O People of Zion, rejoice in the Lord Your God, for he has given you the autumn rains in righteousness. He sends you abundant showers both autumn and spring rains. Holy Spirit power in the rain level comes in the month of Adar (April), and in the month of Tishrei (October) which is Passover and Feast of Tabernacles. Now we're about come upon the season of rain for the autumn anointing beginning in the month of October in the festival of Sukkot. It was the same season that the power of the Holy Spirit came upon Mary as she supernaturally conceived and gave birth to the Messiah. God wants to show His Power and Glory in these seasons. I believe Christ's second coming will be in the season of the feast of tabernacles. If you want your church to break out with anointed power get up out the pews and lift your voices to Him. Remember, Jesus said, if you would only ask.

There's power about to break out in the church like you've never seen, because our Savior is about to gather His Bride. A supernatural rain is going to hit the church in the season of Sukkot, (Feast of Tabernacles) so start looking for the clouds, get ready, get ready for the souls the Lord wants to send to you in his seasons of blessings. If you want to save the lost get prepared to nurture them to maturity.

Somebody needs to shout because with that rain you will get restored back what the devil took, somebody will be restored from bad health, somebody will go to another anointing level. I want my rain in its season, and when it comes I like to take some people down stream with me. He's going to give you the promotion that was meant for you. He is going to show his glory amongst you. So don't sit back and mumur over somebody's anointing, jump on their petty coat and get some of those blessings rubbed off on you. That's why they are anointed to bring you into blessings and you haven't even had to pay the price it took for them to have that anointing. Get down to that altar and let some of the anointed pray and lay hands on you.

God wants families to be restored and churches to receive Holy Spirit power. In the latter house of glory, God is going to pull some people up off the pews and put a calling and anointing on them. The bible says when this rain comes, you will eat plenty and people will know God is with you. Everybody is going to want some of what you've got, and they shall know God is in the midst of you. I'm seeing churches now that have this hunger and we're seeing more prayer intercessory, anointing with oil, and foot washing has returned to many churches I've visited. Don't be caught asleep, keep your spiritual eye open for these manifestations that are breaking out in the church. I'm seeing more of the gifts in operation with prayer warriors, worshippers, encouragers, people with wisdom and great discernment in the last year or so.

But you see the level of your anointing depends on the volume of the river and depends on how many people you can carry down stream. It's not a "me" thing, It depends on how many people you can carry down stream. It's about how many deposits you can make into others lives. If you think it's all about you then you can forget your levels rising for the wrong reason and desires. Let go of the "me" and God will fill you. The only reason you're filled with anointing is for it to overflow for the benefit of others. So people that strut around the church thinking they're the only ones righteous enough to be anointed is nothing but a false witness, look and see if manifestation is following them. Is their leadership bringing in souls? Are they helping Christians to mature? Are they lifting yokes and burdens off the people? Are they feeding the hungry and the thirsty God's word? Are they nurturing the young Christian, helping the widows and making a difference in some child's life in the church? Do they call you when you're sick or in the hospital?

The Holy Spirit comes with POWER not just words. Acts 4:8 Peter already filled with the Holy Spirit said, "Ye rulers of the people you better hold off, cause I'm coming and I'm coming empowered. And now Lord, grant unto your servant boldness." He stretched out his arm and spoke with boldness and when they had fasted and prayed and praised the Lord some more the place was shaken by the Holy Spirit. Three thousand people were saved that day.

Now right here is where Peter shows you what to do when your church level anointing is low; fast, pray and ask for it. Praise His holy name and then pray again and then ask the Lord to give you an infilling so you can step into your assignment. Church people have not, because they ask not. They give up too quickly because the commitment to pray it through is not there. If your church doesn't have an intercessory prayer night, start one because those powerful prayer sessions change things in your church and in the lives of the members, and assures the presence of the Holy Spirit among you.

When Jesus came up out the water after John baptized him, the anointing rested on him in the form of a dove and he was ready to begin his work and destiny. He enjoyed God's presence and God was with him. The Holy Spirit never left Jesus because he never grieved the Holy Spirit.

If you grieve the Holy Spirit nothing gets accomplished, no breakthroughs without anointing, that is why God wants so very badly to give you anointing. It only increases by reason of use. If it's to sing, then sing, if it's to teach, then teach, if its to pray then be a prayer warrior, if its to be a praise and worshiper, then start letting the Holy Spirit show out in you and get yourself out of the way. If its to lay hands on people then get down in the altar and start laying hands on the people heavy with yokes, strongholds and sickness. If he's telling you to dance down the isle, then get your dancing shoes on.

If there are no results in your life, then there is no anointing. Don't come to church and put on an act or to just get the "me" filled, show us some results in your life and what you're doing in others lives. Get up on Sunday morning with the intention of going to church to bless somebody else. Real Christians don't need your act. We already know the Holy Spirit is real. It's not how you fall out at the altar it is how you get up and what you do from there. Those are the things the anointed are looking at from you, not your shout. If you got a shout, you should have fruit as well.

I shout and praise because Christ delivered me from a miry pit. He saw me drowning in my own blood and he reached down and breathed the Holy Spirit in me and put His name on me. He adorned me with precious jewels and put a new song in my mouth. His blood destroyed strongholds on me and His spirit lives in me. I've been changed, regenerated. I came to Him broken and dying. I remembered the woman with the blood issue saying, I don't even have to hear his voice just to touch that garment. Somewhere I remembered somebody saying He would come with Healing In His Wings. With the faith of a mustard seed and a word long ago from my Granddaddy I reached out and I cried from my belly, Yeshua, son of David. Now I am sheltered in the wings of the almighty and today I cover myself in the symbol of His authority over the word (commandments) and healing. I was bought with a price that day and my passion to serve is out of love for the one who transformed me and not for recognition or praise. I touched the hem of his garment and the gates of hell cannot prevail against you when you are sheltered in the mighty wings of God almighty. Anointed people are not afraid of the devil.

I know what you're thinking, well if I step out into my anointing people will say things. Well let them talk about you, but keep your heart fixed on Christ. You got to stay anointed when people disagree with you or when a crisis comes, stay anointed when the Doctor tells you got six months to live. So yes, it costs to be anointed, it takes faith and keeping your eyes on Jesus and not man. It takes faith to walk in love and compassion and to give your life for it, because sometimes you don't want to, but you have to die to yourself everyday to keep your anointing.

Can you lose your anointing? Absolutely, when you take your eyes off Jesus and onto yourself or start worrying about your image to man, or become a people pleaser, you become a counterfeit and no manifestation will come and no fruit will be seen. What you produce will be seen as counterfeit. You can lose your anointing by neglecting to pray, praise and worship, and not living in seed principle. The quickest way to lose your anointing is through the tongue. The "me" thing, negative speech, entertaining gossip, anger and division, pride and jealousy, and of course sin or disobedience to God's call on your life. King Saul is a prime example.

The 3 ways to bring anointing from the spiritual realm to the physical realm:

1. Acts of righteousness

2. Walking in love, demonstrating the fruit of the spirit

3. Life of prayer and praise

Don't wait for man to tell you if you're anointed or not, start walking in your anointing and man will see the lives you impact.

Biblical Healing Oil With CBD

Significance Of Anointing Oil In The Bible

It's a subject on many people's minds but the anointing comes at a price. God doesn't just give His anointing away easily and when we have it God wants us to use it. The Anointing has increased in my life and so has the responsibility. Here is a simple article as to why God would increase your anointing.

I bought a book once by Benny Hinn on the Anointing and I bought it as I wanted to learn about it and have it in my life. I might not have been ready to receive the information and have since given the book away but when I read it, I didn't seem to learn anything.

I once heard a guy that come to a church I was attending and he talked about the anointing. He said something simple. He said:

The Anointing is simply: The Power to Do the Job

Now depending on how BIG the job you have to do is, that measures how much of the Holy Spirit's anointing is in your life. I have realized in the past three months the Anointing in my life has gone up.

Each week 2000 people read something I have written in the Internet on EzineArticles or somewhere else. There is an Anointing of the Holy Spirit on everything I write and there exists and Anointing in my life as I write the things that I write.

I also manage a team of prophetic people and we do free prophecies on the Internet. For a few years they came in at a rate of about twenty requests per week and now in the last three months that figure has shot up to forty five requests per week.

With this increase I have had to promote a team leader and mentor her to run a team of prophets like me to cater to this demand. In these three months I have noticed the Holy Spirit has increased my Anointing in my life.

I am finding people I know want to sit down and have a long chat with me in the past few months. As a prophet I am fairly intense and people kind of give me a wide birth and yet some of the people I have forged a relationship with are starting to want to spend quality time with me.

This is a sign to me that they really want to hear what the Holy Spirit wants to say through me. As now quite a lot these days in an hour conversation the Holy Spirit directs the conversation for me to say what God wants me to say to each person.

When you understand that the Anointing is the Power to Do the Job you have to decide to get busy for God for Him to increase the Anointing in your life. For God to increase His Anointing in your life there has to be a reason, so first of all if you want it to increase you need to decide what you want to do for God in a bigger way and go after it.

It's wonderful to have the presence of God and when you worship you can feel the presence of God. But it's quite another thing for the Anointing of God to come upon you when you are in a conversation and the person that is listening is so transfixed at what is being shared they simply can't leave until the message is shared in its entirety.

Now the Holy Spirit of God knows every persons timetable and if they have to really go and get back to work or if they can take and extra half an hour for lunch to listen. The Holy Spirit knows when that certain person who really needs to hear what He has to say through you is going to have the time and the Anointing will only drop on you the time that they need to stay.

I have heard people say the Anointing is addictive. Benny Hinn seems to talk about the Anointing a lot as I have heard him talk about it. It is simply the power of the Holy Spirit and it should be respected and not talked about in any cheap way. But I have heard on a few occasions people say the Anointing is addictive.

I can testify when I sit down to prophesy over a person that I really enjoy God speaking though me and I love the wonderful peaceful blanket that seems to come all over me.

But we all have the Holy Spirit and it is my aim to speak to you if you don't know much of the Power of God to get a bit of that into your life. If you want more of the Holy Spirit, why don't you get serious with God and ask Him what can you do for Him

I know that we need people to prophesy on our teams on my website and I know that we can pray for you to get the gift of prophecy. I know also that we need intercessors on our website that can pray over the prophecies that are done and if you are good in prayer, then we can use you.

But that's just me throwing a few ideas out there for you. I am sure if you put your mind to it you can come up with something to do for the body of Christ.

Just remember you have to get busy for God for Him to give you the Power.

It's no use having a Powerful car in a garage. It's no use God increasing the Power of His Anointing of His in your life if you are not going to do a job for Him.

Want a really big Anointing? Get a very BIG job to do for the Lord and He will give it to you!

I promise you

Love ya

Be blessed