Charley Pride HBD

By on March 18, 2023

Charley Pride pioneered country music, breaking barriers and inspiring generations with his powerful voice and unforgettable songs.

The legendary country singer, was born on March 18, 1934, in Sledge, Mississippi. He grew up in a family of 11 children and worked as a sharecropper from a young age. In the 1950s, Pride moved to Montana and worked as a smelter before joining the Army and serving in Korea. After completing his military service, he returned to Montana and continued to pursue his love for music. He played in local clubs and performed on radio stations, but success was elusive.

In 1963, Pride met Jack Clement, a producer at RCA Records, who gave him a chance to record his music. Despite the racial barriers and skepticism from the industry, Pride’s talent shone through, and his debut single “The Snakes Crawl at Night” became a hit.

One of his most beloved hits is “Kiss An Angel Good Morning,” a song that captures the essence of Pride’s unique style and personality.

The song’s upbeat melody and catchy chorus make it an instant classic, but it’s the lyrics that truly set it apart. “Whenever I chance to meet some old friends on the street / They wonder how does a man get to be this way / I’ve always got a smiling face / Anytime and any place / And every time they ask me why / I just smile and say / You’ve got to kiss an angel good morning / And let her know you think about her when you’re gone.”

The lyrics showcase Pride’s deep appreciation for the importance of love and kindness in life. He encourages listeners to cherish the people they love and to let them know how much they mean to them. The song’s infectious optimism and joyful spirit make it a perfect representation of Pride’s legacy, both as a musician and as a person.

Pride’s contribution to country music cannot be overstated. He broke down barriers and opened doors for generations of Black artists to come, all while creating timeless music that continues to inspire and delight fans worldwide. “Kiss An Angel Good Morning” is just one example of his immense talent and impact, and a testament to his enduring legacy as a true country legend.