“Sweet Child Of Mine” Isolated Lead Guitar Track

By on August 23, 2013

Guns n’ Roses “Sweet Child Of Mine” Isolated Lead Guitar Track


Continuing with our isolated guitar themed Fridays, here’s the lead guitar tracks from Guns n’ Roses breakout hit “Sweet Child Of Mine.” Here are some things to listen for:1. Slash’s distorted guitar intro line, as well as the interlude and solo, has a nice big medium length stereo reverb on it with not a lot of predelay.

2. In the verse, Slash’s rhythm part goes from clean and dry to chorused. The sounds are considerably smaller than the intro/chorus/interlude/solo distorted part.

3. The second chorus at 3:10 is beefed up by distorted rhythm parts that are doubled and panned left and right, where they both play a different fill when it returns to the I chord.

4. The first part of the guitar solo sounds like it was written as it’s very lyrical, while the second half Slash just burns on the wah.

5. Great guitar sound and performance!

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