Storm at Sunup, the backstory

By on May 12, 2016

Gino_VanelliIt’s now 6:20 a.m., before sunrise, and these songs are especially fitting. Nearing the sun sign of Gemini, this Throw Back Thursday is a two-fer; but it has to be this way, the way they were on the album over 3 decades ago. Some of the best work of this Italian/Canadian vocalist, percussionist, composer and songwriter, these two songs were tied together with a single bridge — and that’s how you should listen to them NOTE: STOP THE FIRST SONG AS SOON AS IT IS FINISHED …(Oh, how the quest, for self, is strong…)  BEFORE YOUTUBE AUTOPLAYS SOMETHING ELSE, THEN CLICK ON “LOVE ME NOW.” . These songs tell the story of a confused, sometimes irrational and unpredictable man breaking up with his woman. When she hears what is transpiring, self preservation kicks in and she is “suddenly glad he’ll be gone.” In the moments that follow, whether it’s second thoughts or a realization of the NOW (which is all we have), he implores her to “Love him now, while he’s here, and acknowledges that he is truly a Storm in her life. Geminis are weird people, often conflicted, flighty and can leave extreme wreckage in their wake. A Gemini myself, I met Gino 35 years ago and he was charming. I share a birthday with another Gemini, Stevie Nicks. Certainly not to her magnitude, but I’ve caused some pain for which I can never make amends, although I’d love the opportunity.

Photo Credit: By Ross Vannelli (Wikipedia:Contact us/Photo submission) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


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