Singer-songwriter Marty Thompson releases 5th album, ‘Unwind’

By on November 23, 2022

These days, most of us could use some time to relax, unwind and recharge by taking the time to focus on the moment. Inventive Singer Songwriter and storyteller Marty Thompson provides an immersive psychedelic folk rock journey intended to untangle and expand the listener’s perspective on new album “Unwind”, due October 7th on streaming platforms. “Unwind” finds the multi-instrumentalist and producer preparing a fiery musical gumbo with equal parts folk, rock, alternative, country, jam band and psychedelic sounds served with mindful lyrical slices of every day life. From the sun-spotted wisdom of “Forgotten Dust” to the hazy psychedelia of “Ruta Maya Moonshine”, “Unwind” joyfully expresses Thompson‘s unique artistic fingerprint.

Fans of artists like Widespread PanicGoosePhish and Grateful Dead should enjoy this expansive collection. This is Marty Thompson‘s 5th album and most adventurous to date.

“Unwind,” brings back the jam scene sound of the 90’s while keeping it fresh with unconventional studio work using modern quality components and unique instrumentation, all wrapped in a neat concept-album. The LP begins with the title track hailing the call to “walk the path to unwind,” and we’re off!

We trip through a lyrical 24-hour cycle after sharing a cup of late-night “Ruta Maya Moonshine” and explore night in the Hill Country of Texas under a full moon. 7:AM comes early, and we take a stroll to admire this amazing day…”so much to see…” Morning bleeds into a long and sunny afternoon on a Sunday where we stay for extended jams under intense Sunshine. 

Finally, we share sundown with the ones we love in Paradise, before heading off into night once more. The farm cat peeks in on Old John during a sandstorm as he plays his fiddle made of gold, and we all end up at the neighborhood bar for last call from the Bartender. Goodnight! Finally, the LP reprises the title track, reminding us all to UNWIND. Please enjoy this journey of original sound and poetry.”
 – Marty Thompson

Photo Credit: Kikis Corner Photography

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1 – Unwind
2 – Ruta Maya Moonshine
3 – 7:AM Stroll
4 – Sunday / Sunshine
5 – Paradise
6 – Forgotten Dust
7 – Old John Blues
8 – Bartender
9 – Unwind (Reprise)

Press Quotes:
1 – “The sound he comes up with is somewhere between Neil Young in his electrified moods and the latter-day Allman Brothers Band. Playing with the likes like the late Col. Bruce Hampton certainly shows…” –

2 – “…comparable to music from the likes of Neil Young & Crazy Horse or Grateful Dead, but with a signature style that feels solely unique and original.”
– Rudie Obias,

3 – “…mixes genres, styles, attitudes and even keys and scales with a rather refreshing indie vibe.”  Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros,

4 – “It’s music for the ages. Timeless and evergreen.” – Sherryl Craig – Nashville Music Guide

1 – “My Kind of Woman” (the song) reached #19 on Play MPE Rock Radio in 2019
2 – “Paint What You Think” reached #15 on the Australian Rock Charts in 2019
3 – “Paint What You Think” music video went viral in Mexico in 2019, with over 3M views

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Artist Biography:
Marty Thompson is a Singer Songwriter taking cues from a wide palette of rock and roll, psych-country and post-punk psychedelia, cleverly forging his own unique signature.

The independent artist was raised in West Texas in the 1980’s and was influenced heavily by classic Texas Rock and Psych-Country cross-vibes. Electrified under the Friday Night Lights, he had worn out and replaced his cassette of Van Halen’s debut album by age 6, saw Ozzy at age 8, had complete collections of all Beatles, Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd albums by age 11, and saw ZZ Top in concert twice before age 15. It’s safe to say roots were grown.

He now has written over over 200 original pieces of music and his live repertoire consists of over 300 songs (originals & covers). Marty performs with a modified steel string acoustic Martin 000-MMV or his Gibson ES-335, but also plays a mean Gibson Thunderbird bass, as well as mandolin, banjo, piano, synth, Moog, latin percussion, and other instruments. He performs live with different arrangements but also multiple instruments at once utilizing loopers and other technology on the fly. He also prides himself in studio audio engineering, and has built an extensive studio to record in.

While living in Ft. Worth, Texas in the 90’s, Marty studied guitar from his neighbor: the late legendary Scott Fraser (virtuoso guitarist for Space Opera in the 1970’s and conductor of the Ft. Worth Symphony Orchestra). During this time, Marty worked as Stage Tech at local club The Aardvark, playing the regular acoustic drop-in show on Sundays (portrayed in his song Sunday / Sunshine). This Ft. Worth landmark was crucial in his development as a budding musician. He worked and played with Col. Bruce Hampton, Jimmy Herring, Patrice Pike (Sister 7), The Toadies, Tripping Daisy, Soulhat, The Grapes, Deep Blue Something, Matchbox 20, and many more. It was also at this time he met his wife, Kara, who introduced him to Paul Schnarz.

Marty moved to Murfreesboro, Tennessee in 1997 to attend Middle Tennessee University and obtain a Recording Industry degree. Along with David Dean, Michael Dennis, Jeff Lee, Sam Holt and Chris Rabold (Sound Engineer) he formed a band called StormWatch. StormWatch had regional success traveling around Tennessee and the South, as well as a fabled tour through Texas in Summer ’98. Through his relationship with Schnarz, Marty obtained a job at ASCAP alongside the Vice President, John Briggs. Working here allowed him to network and share music with other songwriters, including Waylon Jennings.

In 2015, Marty released his 1st solo album, If You Could See Me Now. His 2nd album, Romantic Stories, released May 23, 2018 and contains songs written on a month-long hiking trip through the Bavarian Alps in 2015. His single “A Thud” found success with FM and Internet Radio. My Kind Of Woman was released in May 2019 and the title track reached #19 on Play MPE Rock Radio downloads and continues to spin on FM and internet radio across the globe today. Video single “Paint What You Think” went viral in Mexico, while radio pushed the audio single of the same title to #15 on the Australian rock charts.  As a return to his acoustic roots during the COVID-19 pandemic stay at home orders, Attics was released 1-22-21, encompassing acoustic sounds and solid songwriting about the condition of the modern era.

His 5th album, Unwind, comes out October 7, 2022 and is a solid collection of original songs presented in a concept format with the overall vibe of laid back psychedelic folk rock blended with synth.