Review: Dave Mason’s Traffic Jam: Nashville, Indiana 2024

By on May 9, 2024

Dave Mason, the legendary co-founder of the classic rock band Traffic, has been a mainstay in the music industry for over five decades. His 2024 “Traffic Jam” tour is a testament to his enduring talent and appeal. The recent concert was nothing short of a nostalgic trip down memory lane, infused with the same passion and skill that have become Mason’s hallmarks.

File Photo: The legendary Dave Mason performs with his “Traffic Jam” Tour in 20204. (Photo Credit: Larry Philpot /

Many Dave Mason fans do not realize how much material Dave Mason has collaborated on over the years with various artists. Dave Mason has been credited with session work with some of the most famous artists, including Jimi Hendrix, Graham Nash, Eric Clapton, Donovan, George Harrison, and The Rolling Stones.He was even a member of Fleetwood Mac for a short time.

The current lineup of Dave Mason’s Traffic Jam is a blend of seasoned musicians, each with a rich history in the music world. Dave Mason himself, on guitars and vocals, continues to be the soulful force behind the band. Mark Stein, of Vanilla Fudge fame, brings his mastery of the Hammond B3 to the mix. Johnne Sambataro, known for his work with Firefall and the McGuinn, Clark & Hillman band, adds depth with his guitar and vocals. Marty Fera, a versatile drummer who has played with the likes of Joe Walsh, and Ray Cardwell, a bassist with a voice that complements Mason’s, round out the group.

File Photo: The legendary Dave Mason performs with his “Traffic Jam” Tour in 20204. (Photo Credit: Larry Philpot /

The set list was a perfect blend of Traffic classics and Mason’s solo hits. The concert kicked off with “Share Your Love” and “Rock and Roll Stew” and moved through favorites like “The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys,” and “Dear Mr. Fantasy.” Mason also paid homage to his time with Blind Faith with a cover of “Can’t Find My Way Home.” His solo work was represented with “We Just Disagree” and the encore, “Feelin’ Alright?,” which had the entire audience on their feet.

Mason’s songs have been covered by a myriad of artists, showcasing his influence on rock music. “Feelin’ Alright?” became a hit for Joe Cocker, and “Only You Know and I Know” was famously covered by Delaney & Bonnie. Delaney and Bonnie had numerous famous musicians, and became, for the most part, Derek and the Dominoes. Mason was a founding member of Traffic and (briefly) the original second guitarist in Derek and the Dominos. His work has been featured in the repertoires of bands like The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac, both of which he was briefly a member. Mason’s contributions to rock cannot be overstated, with his time in Traffic, his session work with the likes of Jimi Hendrix on “All Along the Watchtower,” and his solo career all painting a picture of a true rock icon.


  1. “Share your Love”
  2. “Rock and Roll Stew”
  3. “Pearly Queen”
  4. “Low Spark of High Heel Boys”
  5. “Every Woman”
  6. “We Just Disagree”
  7. “Can’t Find My Way Home”
  8. “40,000 Headmen”
  9. “Let It Go, Let it Flow”
  10. “Only You Know and I Know”
  11. “Dear Mr. Fantasy”
  12. “Feelin’ Alright”

Dave Mason’s Traffic Jam is a must-see for any rock enthusiast. The concert was a showcase of Mason’s indelible mark on the music industry, his ability to write songs that transcend time, and his knack for assembling a band that can bring those songs to life with vigor and authenticity. As the lights dimmed and the crowd dispersed, there was a collective feeling that we had all witnessed a piece of rock history. Mason may sing about “Feelin’ Alright?,” but after this concert, it’s clear that he’s more than just alright—he’s a living legend.