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By on November 20, 2013

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Few people immensely enjoy their craft at age 88, let alone engage in a full-blown tour performing twohours a night, unless you’re B.B.King, that is. B.B. is certainly an exception to the rule as he played a packed house in The Showroom at The Horseshoe Casino in Elizabeth, Indiana.

The show kicked off with an instrumental blues song, setting the mood for the evening. Each and every band member showcased his exceptional, unique talent, and personality through their brass instruments, saxophones, and keyboards.

B.B. King took control of the stage from the first moment he stepped into the spotlight, as the crowd gave a boisterous standing ovation when he entered. He made his way front and center to a throne fit for the “King of Blues”, where he took a seat with his beloved “Lucille”. Hey, when you’re 88 years of age, you’re allowed to sit and play! Seated, B.B. interacted with the audience making the experience intimate, and incredibly memorable.

B.B.’s vocals are still smooth, and infused with authentic blues, as were evident when he crooned tunes like “Everyday I Have the Blues”, “You Are My Sunshine”, and what has become nearly his signature tune, “The Thrill Is Gone”.  His charm is unprecedented as he flirted, chatted, and randomly acknowledged members of the audience throughout the evening.

Attending a B.B. King show rivals a religious experience. Mr. King certainly is blessed to continue to do what he loves to do as he glides through his later years of life. There are artists four times his youth who would be challenged to keep up the pace B.B. does, and every audience in front of him is enlightened to witness this legend still going strong.

  To see many photos from the show, CLICK HERE

Review by John Rabold

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