Red Skies Mourning Release “Signs From You”

By on January 12, 2021
Photo by Jack Nutter

Coming out of the Maryland/DC area, Red Skies Mourning bring a rock/retro grunge sound to their new single “Signs From You.” Fuzzy guitar driven, the song is both dark and light in feeling. Written from the perspective of losing someone to suicide, it offers both regret and hope that they have found peace.

So many artists have, during this pandemic, turned inward to address emotions sometimes hidden. Chris Aleshire is the creative body behind Red Skies Mourning and he brings his life influences to his sound. About his new release he writes, “I work as an Engineer for a Major Cloud Software Company. One of my customers’ daughters went missing. They searched for her for 4 days until they found her body; she committed suicide. When I spoke to him about it, he made a blog about seeing signs from her from the day she went missing and continues to see them that she’s okay. Putting myself in his shoes and also having had close friends commit suicide, people tend to push things off, be more self absorbed, not seeing or noticing friends in need. So the lyrics directly describe continually both the What Could I have Done? and also knowing they are in a better place but yet the guilt will stay with you always. I am a US Marine Corps Veteran, so this is for suicide awareness and PTSD.”

Photo by Jack Nutter

“Signs From You” has a rocking sound which plays nicely against the well crafted lyrics. Nothing in life is black or white, nor is it only light or dark. “Signs From You” offers a release from the darkness, seeing the sliver of brightness ahead. In a world of quarantine and social distancing, maybe that’s all we need.

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Red Skies Mourning follow-up EP, Misguided By Fate, is due for release this year.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline 800-273-8255

Post by Kath Galasso @KatsTheory

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Musician Names/Instruments: Chris Aleshire(Singer/Songwriter)

Studio Musicians: JR Richards of Dishwalla assisted with Arrangement/Backing Vocals, Ryan Elwood(Drums), Andreas Landeck(Bass/Guitar)

Producer: Jeff Kanan and Chris Aleshire

Check out the acoustic version of “Signs From You.”