‘Rats On Cocaine,’ new single from Indiana Bradley is a commentary on LA’s underbelly

By on December 2, 2022

Post-Punk Innovator Indiana Bradley teams up with A.F.I.‘s Hunter Burgan for a moody romp through the underbelly of Los Angeles on the frenetic “Rats on Cocaine”. Bradley emerges on the new single as wholly original, with a resounding baritone booming over a calculated frenzy of melodic guitars, bass, keys and drums. Having lived as a journalist in dozens of countries from Argentina to Indonesia, Indiana Bradley brings a unique storytelling perspective through leading a life with no boundaries.

“Rats on Cocaine” was written as a commentary about the Los Angeles cocaine fueled mania that dominates the city’s culture. The performance is reflective but also a warning verbalized through coherent yet stream of conscious lyrics. The fiery track was recently premiered by Post-Punk.comWe Love That Sound commented that they love the ‘enormous speed, the drive and how it just goes off.

Ahead of forthcoming EP, Pale City, produced by Hunter Burgan (A.F.I.bass player/producer). Burgan also plays all of the guitar and bass parts on the EP. The music video was created out of a 1950s era Soviet propaganda cartoon and edited extensively to form a story with the music. The lyrics toe the line between auto-biographical and observational leaving the listener wondering if the song is about the singer or themselves.  

On top of catching the eye of Hunter BurganIndiana Bradley is a regular at prestigious Los Angeles venues like The Whiskey A Go Go, where he headlined in August and is confirmed to open for L.A. Guns on New Year’s Eve.

Indiana Bradley’s visceral, punk-fueled music should appeal to fans of everyone from Nick Cave and Iggy Pop to The RamonesJoy Division and Fugazi. A truly prolific creative force, Bradley already has another offering completed to follow the “Pale City” EP release; a 6 song EP produced by “Ghost Star” collaborator Seth Olansky set to drop early 2023.

“Pale City” is scheduled for release on streaming platforms December 31.

Stream “Rats on Cocaine” on Spotify.
Watch the official music video on Youtube.

Whisky a Go Go headliner August 12th, New Years Eve opener at Whisky a Go Go for LA Guns Dec 31, 2022. 5 shows in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Two live albums and historic LA rock clubs The Satellite and Harvard & Stone. 

Post-Punk.com “Like lemmings and the children of Hamlin lured by the Pied Piper, the frenetic song’s message is dark and sinister behind the catchy hooks. “Rats on Cocaine juxtaposes the euphoric drug and party culture of Los Angeles, with the sinister and deadly cliff that same culture drives us to as willing passengers.”

Official Website: https://www.indianabradley.com/
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Indiana-Bradley-215182532426818/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/indiana_bradley
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/indianabradley/
Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/2TVZ031r3X0FxYFHm27Pyv?si=8hwrji3LQaWL4D-ETD4XwQ
Soundcloud:  https://soundcloud.com/outside1
Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC39QIQ6VkOQ72aU97Ug4DhQ
Artist Contact Email: indianabradley@gmail.com

Artist Biography: 
Indiana Bradley’s style is authentic, melodic, and engaging. Having lived in dozens of countries from Argentina to Indonesia, stories accumulated and perceptions were made working as a journalist far from midwestern roots. He translates these experiences into driving guitars, rhythmic keys, and a lyrical tapestry meant to interpret life, death, good and evil.

His droning baritone growl draws comparisons to Nick Cave and Johnny Cash while his faster paced songs jolt the listener with a Joy Division and Fugazi hybrid. 

Landing in Los Angeles 5 years ago, Bradley has released one LP, “Ghost Star” and two live albums recorded at The Satellite and Harvard & Stone. He has played the club scene in L.A. from Silverlake to the Sunset Strip and recently returned from two tours in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, a hotbed of live music in South America.

Catching the eye of Hunter Burgan (A.F.I. bassist), Bradley is set to release a 4 song EP produced by the rock veteran. Burgan also plays guitar and bass on the tracks. The first single “Rats on Cocaine” releases October of 2022. 

Following the full EP release, Bradley, has another 6 song EP produced by “Ghost Star” collaborator Seth Olansky set to drop early 2023.