Prophets & Outlaws + Lennon & McCartney = <3

By on July 18, 2016

Prophets and OutlawsThis is a band that once upon a time was playing country music.  Over the years they evolved their southern roots into a more contemporary soul/r&b/blues making a sound all their own. Though their sound has evolved, they are still much beloved at country radio across the region.  Lead guitarist, Stephen Guckenheimer, is an amazing musician, knowing exactly when to add his tasteful and powerful licks and when to let the groove take over. Lead singer Matt Boggs’ voice is throaty, born in soul, and rugged with just enough polish to demonstrate the sheer power he wields.

This week’s a capella video goes out to our home, Dallas. The events in Dallas over the past week, as well as those around the country, have left us with a heavy heart. We only hope the message behind this song resonates with those affected by these events as it does with us.” -Prophets & Outlaws