New Music Gear: The Subpac

By on August 21, 2013

New Music Gear: The Subpac


One of the best things about having a big set of monitors in the studio or being at a concert is the fact that you can feel the music as well as hear it. There’s a feeling of power that you get that excites us in a truly visceral way. A big problem with headphones is they may sound great, but you just won’t get that low end punch and muscle to make it feel like a real experience.

Now comes the Subpac, a tactile bass system that slips against the back of your chair and allows you to feel those low frequencies. Suddenly that you can feel frequencies down to 5Hz, which is impossible in most small studio situations.

This isn’t the first time that tactile bass systems have been tried, as the Buttkicker has been around for a while. That unit took a little bit of clunky installation as you had to physically mount it to your chair or stool. The Subpac is simple in that it just fits to the back of any chair like a seat cushion, supply a line in signal, and get your butt shaken. I experienced it myself, and it really works well. The Subpac is available for $350.

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