Flashback: Janis Joplin on the Dick Cavett Show

By on January 19, 2017

Today we remember this short lived music icon, Janis Joplin, born this date in January 19, 1943.  Janis Lyn Joplin was an influential American singer of the 1960s. Her raw, powerful and uninhibited singing style, combined with her turbulent and emotional lifestyle, made her one of the biggest female stars in her lifetime  Joplin blazed her own trail with songs such as “Piece of My Heart”, and the Kristofferson classic, “Me and Bobby McGee”. Janis, like Morrison, Hendrix, and Cobain, left all too soon, at age 27.

This little number, recorded live on the Dick Cavett show, July 18, 1969. was recorded two years earlier by the Bee Gees, so you know the lyrics. In 1981, the song was re-recorded by Michael Bolton and introduced a new generation to this mainstay song. Hear it again for the first time.


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