Erinn Alissa Sings of Her “Gypsy Soul”

By on October 4, 2021

With a voice that rests comfortably between a Tennessee twang and an easy West Coast vibe, California singer-songwriter Erinn Alissa is out with her new single “Gypsy Soul,” off her EP Restless.

Since the release of her first single “Over You,” early last year, Erinn Alissa has received airplay in notable outlets like Buzz Music LA and the Women of Substance Music Podcast. Her classically trained voice draws the listeners in, and sets the tone to fully enjoy her honest and relevant lyrics.

“Gypsy Soul” is a song that has a timeless feel. It would have worked in any decade from the 70s through now. Between her soulful vocal and timely words, Alissa’s subject becomes someone real, someone we all can relate to. Haven’t we all had a gypsy soul at some point in our lives?

The Restless EP has six tracks which have a whole lot of openness and candor. Take a listen to “Gypsy Soul”.

Post by Kath Galasso @KatsTheory

Erinn Alissa Social:





Track Listing:

1. Gypsy Soul 

2. All that You Are 

3. My Mistake 

4. If I Didn’t Love You 

5. Just Don’t Love Me Anymore 

6. No Rest for the Woman