Dave Vamfer Offers The ‘Tricks Of Life’

By on May 19, 2022

UK Rock/Pop Singer Songwriter Dave Vamfer is kicking off the rollout of his upcoming album in a unique way, having recently released a medley of 3 new tracks entitled “Tricks of Life Medley”. Reflective and peppered with wisdom, Vamfer‘s vocal and lyrical approach echoes the enduring optimism of Paul McCartney. Musically, “Tricks of Life Medley” showcases uplifting melodies, jangly guitars, a rock n’ roll rhythm and saxophone lead. Dave Vamfer‘s soft rock signature sound is both calming and thought-provoking.

‘Tricks of Life Medley’ is a medley of 3 songs from a forthcoming album. I wrote ‘Tricks of Life’ about things that life appears to promise but that you eventually realize aren’t going to materialize. While it is about disappointment, I don’t see at as negative; it’s just about reality and dealing with it mentally. You Need A Little Kick’ (to move on) is pretty straightforward. It’s about times when something pushes you forward, sometimes uncomfortably. ‘A Bit of What You Fancy’ is also straightforward. It’s about knowing that it’s ok to treat yourself sometimes. – Dave Vamfer

On his personal songwriting process, Dave takes an organic approach, adding “Starting to write a song usually comes quite easily to me. More often than not I start with a sentence or phrase, I know what I want to say, how it should ‘feel’ and how it should come over. From there I ‘instinctively’ get an idea for a melody that fits. However, I don’t usually finish a song quickly. Usually I work on it over a period, maybe days – but usually weeks, and quite often a lot longer.”

“Tricks of Life Medley” is out now on major streaming platforms.

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Dave Vamfer is a singer-songwriter who is happy to use any musical style that works for his songs. Dave loves music and feels compelled to write songs. (He also writes short stories). His aim is to make music that engages people, and that is enjoyed, appreciated and timeless.

Dave’s repertoire includes rock, blues, samba, salsa, reggae, bluegrass, light jazz, ballads, EDM and hip hop style – though no rap. If he has a ‘home’ musical style it sits around light rock/blues or jazz flavored pop.

Dave learned to play the guitar as a teenager and has been a keen amateur musician and songwriter ever since. Dave’s musical journey started playing bass guitar in a rock band before leaving school (he occasionally lent the bass he had at that time to Steve Gee of Landmarq ). Dave went on to become the lead singer and guitarist in the London based band ‘Gallop’ which had a line-up of guitar, bass, sax and drums. Since ‘Gallop’ broke-up Dave has continued as a solo artist, occasionally teaming with other musicians in a duo or trio for live performance.

It was not until he took early retirement that he found the time to set about making quality recordings of his music. This resulted in his first album ‘Find The Sound’, which was published in 2020. Dave now concentrates on recording and writing, he rarely plays live anymore.

Dave Vamfer is a ‘stage name’ devised by Dave because his real name ‘David Reggie Phillips’ is not unique enough to stand out in social media or the music business. Dave was born in London where he lived until he moved to his present location in Folkestone, Kent, UK.