Backstory: Leather and Lace

By on January 26, 2023
Stevie Nicks performs during her 24 Karat Gold tour in Indianapolis, March 29, 2017. (Photo Credit: Larry Philpot /

“Leather and Lace” is a song written by Stevie Nicks and performed by her and Don Henley. It was released in 1981 as a single from Nicks’ solo album “Bella Donna”, and is a duet in which Nicks and Henley trade verses and harmonize on the chorus. The lyrics of “Leather and Lace” express the longing and desire of two people in a relationship, with Nicks singing from the perspective of a woman and Henley singing from the perspective of a man.

Musically, “Leather and Lace” is a soft rock ballad, featuring Nicks’ emotive vocals and Henley’s smooth delivery. The song features a simple yet catchy melody, accompanied by piano and guitar. The song received critical acclaim and was a commercial success, reaching the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

“Leather and Lace” has become one of Nicks’ most popular songs, and has been covered by numerous artists over the years. The song’s themes of love and desire continue to resonate with audiences, making it a timeless classic.

It is said that it was written for her close friend, Waylon Jennings, and his wife Jessi Colter. In an interview Nicks said that the song was about the “complicated relationship” between Waylon and Jessi. Nicks had a close friendship with the couple and was a frequent guest at their home, and the song is thought to be a reflection of the emotions she observed in their relationship. However, it’s also been reported that the song was written about a romantic relationship between Nicks and Don Henley, who she collaborated with on the song. Relatedly, Stevie’s song “Sara” is reportedly written about the unborn child of Nicks and Henley. It’s a great song, despite Henley.

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