New Music Forecast: AM Clouds ‘Tune Me In’

By on February 11, 2020
photo: Amanda Marquez

Bend Oregon it seems, offers extreme climate change, expansive beauty, and a band that meshes both into what they call ‘high desert rock.’ The band is AM Clouds and their sound aims to cover both the internal and external landscapes of human experience. Lead vocalist Bruce Troy Moon puts it this way. “We’re located in a rugged, remote place, where culture has a tendency to be overshadowed by nature. I think people really connect to hearing their majestic surroundings captured musically with a bit of cinematic flair.”

After their well received 2017 EP release War of Love, the band is back with a full length album titled Rainmaker. Taking some rock, both classic and indie vibes, they throw in some extras to make an interesting brew that’s an easy listen.

photo: Amanda Marquez

The first single off the album, “Tune Me In,” is a well-paced tune that begins with some fuzzy guitar work and lets the rhythm take the lead before Moon’s vocals get your attention. With a tenor reminiscent of Scott Weiland, Moon’s voice plays well against the music behind him. It has a memorable chorus, and the song’s lyrics are a reminder, that in this world of technology and distraction, we should concentrate on the real world and the real person who is right beside you. The last minute or so of the tune reinforces the idea as it not only turns instrumental, but moves from electric, to strings, to the sound of the waves on the shore.

Back to nature, which is apparently what life is like in Bend, Oregon. Sounds perfect.

Take a listen.

Post by Kath Galasso @KatsTheory

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AM Clouds: Bruce Troy Moon (lead vocals, lead guitar), Graham Boostrom (rhythm guitar, vocals), Pete Ficht (bass, keys, vocals), and Dan Paggi (drums, vocals),