2015 Indianapolis 500

By on May 25, 2015

Here are a few shots from the race yesterday, and a couple from the red carpet.  Special thanks to so very many people who waved me through, told me where to stand and how to plan ahead.  Of particular note is Ms. Jordin Sparks (who, while smiling in the other direction said, “I already looked at you and you missed it”), then turned back, gave me a genuine smile, and was just great.  There’s Dr. McDreamy, and the living legend Mario, as well as one shot that shows just a portion of the hundreds of thousands of fans who were there.  One shot that was total and complete luck, has a pit stop for Helio Castraneves, and during 1/9th of a second, the cars of his two other teammates from Penske drove past.  Congratulations to Juan Pablo Montoya and Roger Penske, who are together in one photo.

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